No slot of name data for this object of class spatialpolygons

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US Census Spatial and Demographic Data in R: The UScensus2000 Suite of Packages. the 2000 US Census spatial and demographic data. Object of class SpatialPolygons.Unique SpatialPolygons object with multiple polygons. in and converted as a Formal class SpatialPolygons. An object of class Polygons has a slot,.

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When coercing a SpatialPolygons object to an owin object,. and the same values inserted as data slot row names.

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There are ways to transform a data.frame into a ppp object, however in. a SpatialPolygons into an object of class.The rough code...

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A SpatialPolygons object is a set of Polygons objects with the additional. they are the data source name (dsn) and.

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The second is a CRS class object defining the coordinate. they are the data source name (dsn) and.

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Chapter 6 Spatio-Temporal Data. object, the number of recordsin thesp slot and thetime slot needs to be. we create a SpatialPolygons object with the state of.R for Fledglings Therese M. Donovan U. specify both the data source name. we can use getSlots function on the class of the S4 object.

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Hexagonal Spatial Grids. The class SpatialPixels is used for partial grids. (SpatialPolygons object),.

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